Annual Salary Survey 2014

Brits In The Box is conducting a survey and we’d love you to take part if you work in TV or Digital Media Production.

We’re frequently approached by freelancers, production companies and networks for guides on current non-union rates.  As freelancers it’s difficult to know if we’re being paid a fair market rate – and the production companies are often in need of some guidance.  And if you’re staff, you want to know that your colleagues are not being paid more than you for the same job.

So, if you feel in the dark when engaging in the awkward task of negotiating your rate, or want to know how your salary stacks up against others, then this is your chance to help us to help you by sparing two minutes of your time.

The survey is completely anonymous, and if you have more than one ‘primary’ role in the industry, simply complete the survey for each position that you hold.

The report will be available through Brits In The Box, so follow us on Twitter @BritsInTheBox or like us on Facebook.

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