What Are You Worth?

This years Brits In The Box Salary Survey is launched in collaboration with New York TV People. With a collective production community of over 12,000 members, the aim for this year’s survey is to truly capture the non-union rates that are being paid in television and digital media production (with a focus on unscripted programs and content).

Sepp Blatter FIFA

The Brits In The Box Salary Survey differs from others in it’s ability to capture what is happening in the production and the freelance marketplace. Most salary surveys in the entertainment industry are heavily focused on staff positions outside of program making – and so do not truly reflect the production landscape.

The results of last year’s report proved useful for both individuals and content producers. I heard many personal stories of how the data helped individuals to negotiate a fair rate with confidence, or was simply an affirmation that their earnings were on the right track. The report also helped me to establish ‘prevailing rate’ rules for those production companies posting job openings directly to the Brits In The Box member community.

If you work in TV production, are based in the USA, and would like to take part in this year’s confidential. You can take the survey until July 22nd by clicking on the link here:


It takes just 3 minutes to complete and the results will be published later on this year. Use the sign up form at the end of the survey to be among the first to receive them (as well as to access last year’s report).

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