2015 TV Production Salary Report

This year we conducted our Production Salary Survey in association with NYTV People. A collective membership of over 12,000 production professionals enabled us to significantly expand our reach to provide a better snapshot of the industry.

Like our inaugural report the focus remained on non-union pay rates in non-scripted programming; as this area is largely self-regulated. The anonymous survey (consisting mainly of multiple choice questions) was launched in July 2015, and closed a few weeks later once we’d received over 550 responses.

An additional section was added to this year’s survey, which provided a forum for respondents to make free comment about the industry. A selection of these comments are included in the  newly added ‘Soundbites’ sections of the final report.

BITB 2015 Salary Report

Key findings from this year’s Report show:

  • Women earn more than men in some positions (in one role over 100% more)
  • Men generally earn more than women in management positions (in one role over 60% more)
  • As per last year’s report, production professionals earn more on the West Coast
  • Age is a bigger determinant of rate more than experience
  • Median salaries are significantly higher than US median household income

You can read the full report for free (by providing your email address) here: Brits In The Box Production Salary Report 2015

The report was released in September and immediately got picked up for publication by Gawker Media; whose readers engaged in a lively online debate about industry conditions and pay following publication. You can read the article (and the online comments) here: A Close Look at Reality TV Industry Salaries – Hamilton Nolan

If you wish to be among the first to receive our future reports, sign up to the Brits In The Box mailing list (we never share or sell your information to third parties): Newsletter Sign Up Form

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