TV’s High Rollers

Last week we published the 3rd Annual Production Salary Report in association with ProductionBeast.Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 11.28.46

The report, focuses on non-union rates paid to those working in TV and digital media production; and was drawn from a sample of over 300 people. So, if you want to know what job you should be doing to be earning more than six figures, you can find out in our free 34-page report here (email sign up required): Production Salary Report

The report also showed earning inequalities related to factors outside of our control , showing that sex and race are an inhibitor of our earnings. Sadly in one area we are performing worse than the general picture across America.

The industry is largely made up of freelance workers and the largest source of them finding work is through their networks. So, there really is true in the saying “Network Equals Net Worth”.

We’ll be sharing more insights and rates on our social media channels, so follow us @britsinthebox on IG , Twitter and Facebook.


About Brits in the Box: Based in New York, Brits in the Box provides production resource and consulting services to production companies in the USA and UK; as well as career advancement services to creative professionals.

About ProductionBeast: ProductionBeast is an online platform helping production companies, TV networks and movie studios find, track and hire freelancers and vendors for productions. With a growing member base of over 35,000 production professionals, the platform allows companies to create custom lists, search for new talent, collaborate among team members on hiring, keep track of crew availability, post jobs and much more.

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