#TBT: Annual Salary Report

Throwing back to this time last year when our Annual Salary Report made headlines in both Business Insider and the industry publication Realscreen.

It was a big moment for a little side-hustle; especially as this was achieved with no budget for press or PR but instead through 100% hard graft … and very little sleep.

So, you may be wondering when this year’s annual report will be published. The answer is, it won’t. I’m taking a pause and here’s why:

Between full time production work, part time consulting projects and training for the New York Marathon, I realised that something¬† had to drop from the ‘to-do’ list. It takes about 5 months to produce the report produced and I decided that at some point I may need to get some sleep.

But secondly, after 3 years of publishing the report I noticed a pattern. Things are not changing. Rates are pretty much flat and the pay inequalities regarding gender and race still exist. This issue is not new – but I believe this #MeToo moment has put us at a tipping point.

change your sex

It is now illegal in many States to ask people for their rate (in order to eradicate wage disparity) and there is suddenly more transparency with big media companies making their salary data available. Just this week the UK’s Channel Four revealed that the average pay for their female employees is 28.6% less than males .

And so I’m looking forward to resuming production of the report next year – when we will hopefully see that the positive impact of this transparency, new laws and initiatives to address the disparity.

Until then, you can still access the full report here (email sign up required): Brits in the Box Salary Report 2016 

Jacqui Moore

Founder – Brits in the Box

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