We Are 4!

It took a plethora of congratulatory messages to jolt my awareness to the fact that Brits in the Box recently turned 4! So I’ve looked back over the past year and realised that yes, we should be celebrating as it’s been a great 4th year. Here’s why: Our 2nd annual Salary Report got picked up and published by … More We Are 4!

Meet A Commissioner: CNN’s Lizzie Kerner

Lizzie Kerner is CNN’s Senior Director of Development and Original Series. Based in Los Angeles, Kerner’s small department of 5 oversees production of CNN’s original series including Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, Morgan Spurlock’s Inside Man, Alex Gibney’s Death Row Stories and The Hunt with John Walsh. Brits In The Box caught up with Kerner over … More Meet A Commissioner: CNN’s Lizzie Kerner