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Using a tried-and-tested simple 5-step framework (B.R.E.A.K); we will help you to understand what makes you tick through identifying your values – which will help you to create an authentic personal brand. We’ll give you tips and tricks on how to reach out to your network without annoying them, and you’ll graduate with the tools to sustain a long and successful freelance career.

Marketing Basics: For Freelancers and Solopreneurs


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Here are just some of our 5* Reviews:

“I can wholeheartedly recommend this course as one that really makes you think about your goals and values and what is needed to get noticed in the (very crowded) marketplace and more importantly to maintain work and contacts. The course contained endless useful advice and I found the worksheets and tasks particularly helpful for focus and evaluation of where and what I need” – Producer

“Thank you so much for this course! I have been freelance writing for nearly a year and have done little to no marketing at all, just bumbling along not really knowing what I should be doing. Your course has given me a clear step-by-step guide to get started and I now know exactly what I need to do” –  Writer

“Very impressed. Simple to follow in bite-size chunks with exercises which kept me focused and were realistic” – Actor
“Amazing course, thank you very much for helping me to understand my skills and the different services that I can achieve as a Graphic Designer in the industry” – Graphic Designer